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Wherever You Roam

Published on 28th January 2023

I wanted to give the children a gift for Christmas that hopefully wouldn’t end up packed into a bookshelf or at the bottom of a toybox by the end of Boxing Day and so I wrote them a book about adventures that are yet to happen.

My daughter’s favourite stories flow from the brush of the wonderful Oliver Jeffers and so I stole shamelessly borrowed lightly from his artistic style in illustrating the book.

The story takes us from the North Pole to Space, with some Unicorns and Japanese Robots thrown in along the way.

It was a joy to illustrate and made remarkably easier by the fact that I could do it all on an iPad using Procreate. This was the first time I’ve embarked on illustrating something this large and long and adding an hour’s work here and there became a highly relaxing part of my evening ritual.

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